What are the top five personal qualities and skills employers are seeking today?

    According to the 2013 Job Outlook survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, they are:
        •    Communication skills (listening, speaking, and writing)
        •    Strong work ethic
        •    Teamwork skills
        •    Initiative
        •    Analytical skills

    The certificate and minor in technical and professional communication programs at Lawrence Technological University focus on ALL of these.

Why Technical and Professional Communication at Lawrence Tech?

techandprof.pngThe technical and professional communication program emphasizes lean writing. You will learn to communicate crisply, clearly, and concisely. In keeping with the University’s motto of “theory and practice,” this program provides you with a strong academic grounding combined with practical, professional experience and hands-on projects. With a minor or certificate in technical and professional communication, for example, you will be equipped to write and edit the copy, design and publish the brochure, and give an effective presentation on your work. These skills are in high demand among today’s employers.


Your 18-credit-hour program consists of:    
Core Courses 9
    Technical and Professional Communication   
    Interpersonal and Nonverbal
        Communication or Collaborative
        Communication for Leaders
Electives 9
    Three additional courses at the 2000 level or higher
Total 18
Getting Started

For more information, including information for transfer and international students, contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or admissions@ltu.edu.