arts + sciences - Master of educational technology application package


Master of Educational Technology Application Package

The Admission Office Requires

  • Application form (fee waived)
  • Graduate and undergraduate official transcripts (including community college)
  • Name, title, position and contact information for 3 (three) professional references
  • Resume that includes extracurricular activities
  • Director interview (phone or face-to-face) 
  • For those that will be interested in adding the Educational Technology Endorsement (NP endorsement) through Michigan Department of Education, a copy of the professional or provisional teaching certificate




The Master of Educational Technology program is open to all who wish to increase their skills in applying instructional technology. Call or send an e-mail to program coordinators Dr. Valentina Tobos (248-204-3617) and Dr. Pam Lowry at (248-204-3653), or