Scott G. Shall, AIA                                                          

Chair, and Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Design





Educational Background
Master of Architecture, Post Professional Degree Tulane University, 2002
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Cincinnatti, 1998 


Positions held in academic institutions
Chair, College of Architecture at Lawrence Technological University,  2012- present

Assistant Professor, Temple University, 2007- 2012
Assistant Professor, University of Louisana at Lafayette, 2002-2007


Courses taught in the past two years

Materials and Methods of Construction II
Guerrulla Altruism
Experimental Constructions
Creating Humanitarian Art & Architecture 


Professional background
sgsa+d, Principal [] Cincinnati, OH | Lafayette, LA | Philadelphia, PA
Mural Corp, Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia, Lead Artist Philadelphia, PA
Bruce D. Robinson Architecture + Design, Project Designer +Manager,  Cincinnati, OH
City of Akron- Bureau of Engineering, Akron, OH

Madison International, Cleveland, OH

Hecky Group, Akron, OH

Significant publications, creative projects and/or paper presentations

Shall, Scott. “Research in Crisis: New Analytical Tools for the Humanitarian Architect.” In Considering Research: Proceedings of the ARCC Spring Research Conference, edited by Philip Plowright and Bryce Gamper, 281-291. Detroit, Michigan: Lawrence Technological University, ISBN 978-1-257-32189-6.

Shall, Scott.  “Building at the Edge: Speculative Architectures in Fringe Settlements.” In Architecture Is All Over, by MIT Press (anticipated publication in 2013).

Shall, Scott.  “Radical Reconstructions and Experimental Pedagogies in the Maximum City.” In Proceedings of the ICERI 2009 Conference, edited by IATED, ISBN 978-84-613-2955-7.

Shall, Scott. “Respecting Service and Learning.” In Service Learning in Higher Education: National and International Connections, edited by Phylis Lan Lin, Chapter 15. Indianapolis, Indiana: University of Indianapolis Press, 2010. ISBN 978-1-880938-77-5.

Shall, Scott.  “Considered Building: Experimental Constructions in Mumbai.” In The AIA Report on University Research, 5th ed., edited by Dr. George Elvin, 266- 291. New York: AIA Press, 2010.

Shall, Scott.  “Guerrilla Design in the Maximum City.” In The Education For an Open Architecture: Proceedings of the Joint Conference of CIB W104 and W110, edited by Stephen Kendall, 209-216.  Muncie, Indiana: Ball State University Press, 2008.

Shall, Scott.  “Guerrilla Ingenuity: Building Cultural Connections Through Acts of Socially-Responsive Design.” In 2007 Eastman/IDSA National Education Symposium Proceedings, edited by Cheryl Cullen, 255-261.  Dulles, Virginia: Industrial Designers Society of America, 2007.

Shall, Scott.  “Tectonics Liberation: Empowering Design Through Acts of Making.” In Tectonics Making Meaning Proceedings, 82-85.  Eindhoven: University of Technology, 2007.'s/Shall.Scott2.pdf

Shall, Scott.  “Making Theory: Creating Greater Understanding Through Acts of Making.” 77-81. In Tectonics Making Meaning Proceedings, 82-85.  Eindhoven: University of Technology, 2007.'s/Shall.Scott.pdf

Shall, Scott. “Guerrilla Design in the Age of Information.” In 2006 Eastman IDSA National Education Symposium Proceedings, edited by Cheryl Cullen, 167-74. Dulles, Virginia: Industrial Designers Society of America, 2006. 

Shall, Scott. “Building Theory: Thinking Rightly Through Acts of Making.” In Getting Real: Design Ethos Now, edited by Renee Cheng and Patrick J. Tripeny, 135-142. Washington, DC: Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, 2006.


Invited Lectures

Shall, Scott.  “Giving a Damn is Not Enough.” Featured lecturer in the Architecture Lecture Series at Lawrence Technological University,  Southfield, Michigan, 2010. 

Shall, Scott.  “Informal Architecture in Mumbai.” Featured lecturer in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) lecture series, Philadelphia, PA, 2010.

Shall, Scott.  “A Mini-Manual of Good Guerrilla Design.” Featured lecturer in the Futures Lecture Series, The New School, Parsons, New York City, NY, 2008.
One of three panelists discussing “Appropriate Technology in the Developing World, A Better World By Design National Conference, Hosted by Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, 2009.

Shall, Scott.  “Guerrilla Design in the Public Sphere(s).” One of panelists presenting in the Public Stimulus Packages Lecture Series, Talk 1, Temple Art Gallery on 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA, 2009.  Other panelists included Lily Yeh of Barefoot Artists and Aaron Levy, executive director of the Slought Foundation and curator of the 2008 U.S.  Pavilion for La Biennale di Venzia.  Moderated by Philip Glahn, Tyler School of Art.

Shall, Scott. “Theories, Practices, and Confessions of a Guerrilla Designer.” The John Wiebenson Memorial Lecturer, Architecture Lecture Series at University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 2009.  Other featured lecturers in the 2009 Architecture Lecture Series include Leon Krier, Moshe Safdie, Robert Embry, and Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP.

 Shall, Scott.  “Guerrilla Design in the Maximum City: Notes from Abroad.” Featured lecturer in the Futures Lecture Series, The New School, Parsons,New York City, NY, 2008.

Shall, Scott, “Notes from the IDC.” One of five panelists participating in a Panel Discussion on Social Architecture + University Involvement, The Center for Architecture, Pratt University, New York City, NY, 2008.  Other panelists include Wes Janz of One Small Project and Cynthia Barton of AFH, NY.

Shall, Scott.  “A Mini-Manual of Guerrilla Design.” Featured lecturer in the Architecture Lecture Series, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, 2008.  Other lecturers include Billie Tsien of Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, Andrew Zago of Zago Architecture, and William Sharples of SHoP.

Shall, Scott.  “The Power of Guerrilla Design.” Featured lecturer in the Architecture Lecture Series, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 2008.

Shall, Scott.  “Working Trajectory.” Invited lecturer, School of Architecture & Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2005.


Awards and Grants 
Nerche Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement. One of eight finalists for the NERCHE 2012 Ernest A. Lynton Award – a National Award recognizing excellence in community based research, teaching and service, 2012.

  Socio-Design Foundation Design Competition Award, Transient. Creative work awarded first place within peer-reviewed design competition hosted by the Socio-Design Foundation, a group dedicated to “fostering dialog on the social impact of design,” 2012.

Assessing Informality: Understanding Informal Settlements Using Participatory Post-Occupancy Evaluation Techniques." Seed Grants to Support Temple University Scientific Research Collaborations.  Shall, Scott & Nancy Morris (Co-PI), $10,900 – Grant awarded by Temple University to support the development of experimental post-occupancy evaluation techniques based upon emergent participatory communication practices, 2010.

"Creating Experimental Constructions and Alternative Schools in La Paz, Bolivia." Temple University Grant-in-Aid Award. Shall, Scott (PI), $3000 – Grant awarded by Temple University to support experimental constructions in La Paz during the summer of 2010.
"Humanitarian Design Kits." Ludwick Family Foundation Grant.
Shall, Scott (PI), $8,000 – Grant awarded by the Ludwick Family Foundation to create three mobile design and technology platforms for the International Design Clinic, 2008.

"Experimental Constructions in the Maximum City." The American Institute of Architects (AIA) RFP Research Grant. Shall, Scott (PI), $7,000 – Grant awarded by the AIA to support Experimental Constructions in Mumbai, 2008. 

"Respecting Dharavi." Temple University Provost's Commission for the Arts. Shall, Scott (PI), $13,500 – Grant awarded by Temple University to support an exhibition of work completed in Mumbai, 2008.

City of New Orleans Community Improvement Grant. Interdisciplinary team, $33,000 - Funding granted by the city council of New Orleans to establish a community-centered outreach within the Tulane School of Architecture, 2001-2002.







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