Affleck House Updates.       Date 6-12-2013


This past week the Affleck Renovation Council under the direction of Ben Tiseo completed the demolition and replacement of the existing driveway


Demolition work on driveway                                      

and new site modifications to the front area of the house.  Fanelli Construction completed the work to remove the existing asphalt drive areas and replacing them with new permeable surfaces. We installed a new grass area for the drive loop leading to the hill and a new compacted limestone drive (similar to the original gravel drive at the house)  for the main access area nearest Woodward Avenue. The compacted limestone is highly permeable and provides added stable surface conditions when considering visitors who are handicapped.   This work will help to preserve the house and site masonry walls from the runoff water related subsidence and hydrostatic pressure related damage we addressed with wall and stair repairs this past year.                       

Work entailed expanding by three feet  the main drive to accommodate three parking stalls in width and the installation of a new area drain and back up relief drain in the main drive. The main entry mound was reduced for a new temporary parking area. The parking area will be supported by an Eco- Grid permeable soil stabilization system and drain into the soil, and has the gravel sub- base installed now. The mound was reshaped and boulders moved to make a small retaining wall. The new grass and temporary watering system was installed as well.       


New permeable temporary parking area excavated awaiting stabilized soil grid


Many thanks to Ben Tiseo, Fred Butters for the site coordination work and earth/stone hands on  efforts to move soil and Deidre Jimenez for watering the new lawn area.  This work helped to get us in shape for the “MICHIGAN MODERN: Design that Shaped America”, house tours this weekend, June 15, 2013.

New plans are in place for a fall phase of work with onsite volunteers to provide Michigan native plants and restore the landscape with a sustainable and ecologically compatible planting program. We hope to see front area work completed with donated labor, plants this fall. Call Julie Vulay at (248) 204-2313 if you would like to support this important phase of the renovation of this national and state historic site.


 New front area views.