On Saturday 04/27/2013 the Affleck House Restoration Council held a site and grounds clean -up effort lead by Prof. Frederick Butters FAIA, Esq.  We extend a “thank you” to everyone who turned out to help with the fall clean-up. cu1.pngVolunteers included  Prof. Will  Allen (Sigma Pi Advisor) and  his wife Nancy, Prof. Ben Tiseo, FAIA,  James Ryan, AIA, Deirdre Jimenez, AIA, ASID, Prof. Daniel  Faoro, LTU , and his nephew  Mr. Wayne Bowers,  Mr.  Michael G. Slaughter,  and from the ∑ ∏ Sigma. Pi Fraternity on campus ; Michael Mosley, Kevin Murrot, Adan Czevny, Bryan Bosema, Orlando Washington Nick Lee, Arthur McClain, Gage Schester, and Remington Keah   also   Ramzi Almatrahi  and Sarah Lowrey,  of the  USGBC  student branch.

cu2.pngWork  continues to remove the overgrowth.  In the spirit of sustainability the brush was mulched into wood chips  and spread for nature trails on  the site. The house can now be viewed from a few new angles, much of the underbrush in the immediate vicinity of the house is cleared, and bushes and trees were pruned as needed.

Another site cleanup day is planned for the fall. Please consider  helping  to make a difference.  With a few more hands and donations, the site clearing can be completed. Getting the underbrush away from the house not only clears sight lines and restores the property to its original appearance; it allows sunlight to reach the ground, which in turn makes the site less damp and wet. That in turn reduces mold and fungus growth, and will work to limit future maintenance requirements.  cu3.png

Additional site work is planned on the front area this spring, as well as restoring the original gravel driveway and returning the circular  loop of the drive to lawn.    We will involve our LTU civil engineering program in innovative management of the runoff water in the pond area. We are networking with organizations that share a vision for horticulture and historic preservation.