Copenhagen University College of Engineering Exchange Program


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Type of Program: Study abroad

Duration: One semester

Time of Year: Fall Semester: September - December/January
Spring Semester: February - June

Majors: College of Engineering

Academic Year: Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students

Hosted by: Exchange Agreement between Lawrence Tech and Copenhagen University

Estimated Cost: Tuition billed at LTU rate plus living expenses and airfare

Application Deadline: May 1 for fall semester, November 1 for spring semester

Program Description: Danish institutions of higher education have a long tradition of excellence and creativity. Close co-operation between engineering students, professors and industry leads to innovative solutions and new designs.

Although Danish is the national language, English is widely used and the vast majority of Danes speaks English fluently. An increasing number of courses and study programmes are offered in English in order to attract students from abroad and to prepare young Danish graduates to work in a global world.

-Students can select courses from the ordinary engineering programs taught in English and compose a semester of 30 ECTS. 

-Individual programs (courses and/or project work) offered to students from our exchange partner institutions.

  • European Project Semester  (EPS)
  • International Design Semester (IDS)
  • International Business Semester (IBS)
  • International Civil Engineering Semester (ICES)
  • Individually composed programs (6 months - 1 year)

-Every semester most of our exchange students attend the Ballerup Language Center to learn a little the Danish language and about the Danish culture. The course is free of charge for exchange students from all of our partner institutions. The optional course in Danish at Ballerup Language Center is equivalent to 1 ECTS.

The Copenhagen University College of Engineering offers
• Problem-based learning that trains you to innovate and develop new solutions
• Problem-based learning that trains your competence in planning and handling unexpected events
• Practical problem-solving
• Project planning and implementation
• Co-operation and intercultural awareness
• Projects based on input from companies
• Project groups composed of students from different countries and universities
• Intercultural communication.

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