Develop a Global View: Study Abroad

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Keep up with Architecture student, Jessica Gilbert as she blogs about her studies in Florence and travels through Europe- Firenze Experience



Scholarship Deadlines:

Check the scholarships page. 

Summer Semester Program Deadlines: 

LTU Paris Program- France
January 30th
Extended Deadline: February 6th

Teach English in China
February 9th
Extended Deadline: February 23rd

Kent State Florence Program- Italy
April 1st (Feb. 1st to get group flight)

March 1st

El Salvador
Contact Michelle Leach-
Download info here.

Fall Semester Program Deadlines:

Harlaxton College- England
March 15th 

Kent State Florence Program- Italy
April 15th

Tecnologico de Monterrey- Mexico
May 1st

University of Hertfordshire- England
May 1st

Hoschule Ulm- Germany

Hoschule Esslignen- Germany
May 30th


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Lawrence Tech offers a wide variety of opportunities for students looking to study abroad for a full semester or participate in other international experiences that range from one week to an entire summer.  Study Abroad is a wonderful opportunity to explore a new country and a new culture. Many students take advantage of their extra time to also visit places outside of their host city or even host country.

Study abroad programs have expanded to include opportunities in Germany, France, England, Italy, and Mexico to name a few, as well as volunteer abroad opportunities. The university also hosts educational tours every summer to different countries around the world, sometimes for credit.

Going overseas for a summer term or a semester is the best way to develop as a leader with a global view. There is no better way to understand and appreciate the history, culture, and language of  foreign society than to participate in an international experience opportunity.

Explore the programs available by clicking here.
After you have found a program or two that interests you,  schedule a meeting with a Study Abroad advisor!

Independent Programs

There are hundreds of study, intern, research & volunteer abroad programs offered all over the world that are not affiliated with Lawrence Tech.  This does not mean that you cannot participate, only that your financial aid may not be able to be applied and you may or may not receive LTU credit. Determining these factors will be on a case by case basis.
To view these types of programs, check out this spreadsheet.

Schedule a Meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor


Office Hours: 8:00am- 4:30pm

A. Alfred Taubman Student Services Center, c404

Davey McConnell  -  -  (248) 204-4113